After graduating with my Ph.D. in Detroit, a city that I love, I was excited to return to my home state of New Mexico to begin my career as a tenure-track assistant professor at New Mexico Tech. After spending eight years and receiving tenure at NMT, I moved to the University of New Mexico, to serve as the assitant director of Core Writing and the Coordinator for Technical Writing.

As a teacher, I enjoy engaging with my students across the wide variety of classes I teach, a variety that reflects both the breadth and the interconnectedness of my research interests: Native American activist writing of the early-twentieth century, professional communication within the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) context, Technical and Professional Communication (TPC) pedagogy, patterns of textual resistance to political nativism, and usability/user-centered design within TPC curricula. I have been the editor of the online journal Xchanges for 16 years and I have a sustained committment to involving students in various aspects of its production.

My other interests include the Detroit Tigers, collecting records, cooking, traveling, illustrating, ballet, and my awesome family and our cool Bedlington Terrier, Kirby.


julianne newmark photo