Native American Literature Lecture Notes



Weeks 1-5 Weeks 6-10
Weeks 10-15
Week One:
Course Introduction

Week Two:
Native creation legends
Native oratory
Samson Occom

Week Three:
William Apess
Nancy Ward

Week Four:
History of Federal Indian Policy
John Ridge (Cherokee) and Tushpa (Chickasaw)

Week Five:
David Cusick
George Copway

Week Six:
Student analyses: Susette LaFlesche & Pauline Johnson
Zitkala-Sa, American Indian Stories

Week Seven:
Bonnin and Hanson, Sun Dance Opera

Week Ten, Monday:
Charles Alexander Eastman
Luther Standing Bear
John Rogers

Week Eleven
John Joseph Mathews
D'Arcy McNickle

Week Thirteen:
Maria Campbell
James Welch
Student Work on Poets

Week Fourteen:
Leslie Marmon Silko
Simon Ortiz & Linda Hogan

Week Fifteen:
Hanay Geiogamah
Vizenor Ishi and the Wood Ducks

The simple HTML pages linked from this page were written for my students' use, to summarize the content of most class days, provide an archive of group collaboration, and offer new ideas to consider, relative to our classroom discussions.