As a researcher, I have amassed a body of published scholarship in two fields: technical and professional communication (TPC) and early-twentieth-century American literature, with a focus on indigenous activist writing. My second book project illuminates powerful interstitial sites between these areas. The project reveals a professional history of agentive Native writing within the bureaucratic structure of the American federal government; significant numbers of Native leaders worked within the Indian Bureau in the first three decades of the twentieth century and participated importantly as writers, researchers, and advocates. I was awarded a 2017 NCTE/CCCC "Emergent Research/er" grant to support the archival research that underpins this project, provisionally titled “Reports of Agency: Retrieving Indigenous Professional Communication in Indian Bureau Agency Documents, 1900-1934.”

I am the author of the 2015 monograph The Pluralist Imagination from East to West in American Literature, published by the University of Nebraska Press. Reviews of the book have appeared in several journals, including American Literary History and Studies in American Indian Literatures, and these reviews have praised the book as “poignant,” “careful,” “refreshing,” and built on “nuanced readings” of archival and published sources. I have authored or co-authored eighteen articles and book chapters, in addition to a half-dozen book reviews. I have several new projects underway, including a co-authored sourcebook for teachers of technical writing concerning the application of user-centered design principles to curricular revision and classroom practice. Another project, a multimodal webtext, focuses on community-development in online discussion board spaces within Learning Management Systems (LMSs); I have designed and coded the webtext in addition to co-creating the research project.

I have received grant-funding from CCCC/NCTE, the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, and the SCMLA/Newberry Library. A full reporting of my research and publishing history is available in my vitae. Many of my publications are also available on Upon request, I am happy to share my full Research Statement and the book proposal for the “Reports of Agency" project.


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